LED Garden Solar Flame Lights

  • LED Garden Solar Flame Lights
  • LED Garden Solar Flame Lights
  • LED Garden Solar Flame Lights
  • LED Garden Solar Flame Lights
  • LED Garden Solar Flame Lights
  • LED Garden Solar Flame Lights
  • LED Garden Solar Flame Lights
  • LED Garden Solar Flame Lights
  • LED Garden Solar Flame Lights
  • LED Garden Solar Flame Lights
  • LED Garden Solar Flame Lights

LED Garden Solar Flame Lights



Unique Flames Design

These torches lights truly prove to be a very safe alternative to the real flames as they don’t actually carry real fire. It is actually made with LEDs that cast a rather soft, mood-enhancing, pleasant glow. Though it may not spread a bright light, it is effective enough and can be used when making your environment pleasant. These lights use unique optical controlled technology, which helps to create a rather beautiful, romantic landscape of changing.


It never needs rechargeable batteries. Rather, it uses solar energy to charge itself. It collects solar energy all day, and then it automatically turns on at dusk, casting a soft and pleasant light on its surroundings. It requires almost 8 hours of charging, which is carried out in the daytime. It comes with a built-in Li-ion Battery – up to 2200mAh – which lights up to 10 hours in the summer season and is on for 5 hours in the winter after it is charged fully.

Weather Resistant

it is not affected by any harsh weather, including scorching heat, or dreadful winter, along with furious downpour; these lights will survive all, and that too, round the year! It is waterproof so that it withstands the downpour, as well as unexpected water outbursts. As a result, it is naturally made to be durable and sturdy (as certified to IP65).

Easy to Install

These torches lights are flexible and very much easy to install. You can install anytime and anywhere you want to have it displayed. The torches come without any wires and stuff. So, when you want to use it, you simply have to install it at the place you prefer, and then, you just have to enjoy the warm, romantic torchlight.


1、For the first time using, please charge the product under the sun for several hours before working.

2、When the light flashes, it means that the power is very low. Please immediately take it to charge, otherwise, the product will stop working soon.

3、The charging performance of solar panels depends on the duration of light and weather conditions. The stronger and longer the sunlight is, the shorter time the charging takes. In cloudy or rainy days, battery performance will reduce, which results in shorter lighting time.

4、Solar panels will be covered with dust because of long-term use in the outdoor. In order to receive better charging performance, please clean it up when necessary.



It automatically lights in the dark and automatically charged during the day.

1. Gorgeous dance flame design: a safe alternative to the real "flame" - led light is a safe, soft, and emotional light.

2. No battery required, completely dependent on solar energy: it collects solar energy all day, then turns on automatic dusk. Solar spotlighting uses solar energy, so you can take it anywhere!

3. Easy to install: no wiring is required, just install any torch you like and enjoy the warmth. Product Tip: This section contains a mounting method to insert.



  • Quantity: 1pc/2pcs/4pcs
  • Number of lights: 33/51/72/96 LEDs
  • Solar panel: polysilicon
  • Color: warm light
  • Function: Flashing
  • Volts: 33 LEDs:1.2V; 51/72/96 LEDs:3.7V
  • Battery: Lithium Battery 2200 mAh;
  • Charging time: 6 hours
  • Working hours: 8-10 hours
  • Waterproof rating: IP65
  • Product material: ABS+PS
  • Product color: black
  • Product size: 33 LEDs: 59*9.5cm/23.23*3.75" 51/72/96 LEDs:79*12cm/31.11*4.73"
  • Switch: Push-button switch / two modes (ON / OFF)
  • Working mode: It works automatically in the dark, lights on, at daylight, the solar charging automatically turns off the lights.
  • Applicable scene: outdoor courtyard, garden, road, community wall, roof, villa, gate, balcony, lawn, etc.

Notice: No wall hanging function.

Package Includes: 1/2/4 X Solar Flame Lights